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Using ArcPy for multi-page exports

Apr 19, 2012   //   by Simon J   //   Other  //  1 Comment

It is great to see that the generic ArcPy sample we provided is getting a lot of download hits.

On a previous post, I did a video on how you can setup your Layout MXD to sync multiple data frames to the main data frame, so that you can display a variety of basemaps in separate data frames, all in the one printout.

I also did a post on how you can append a separate page into your one Dekho export, dedicated for a static legend.

But what happens if you wanted to click Print from Dekho once, but have a multi-page PDF, showing your area of interest with multiple basemaps on separate pages? Read more >>

High Quality Printing with ArcPy

Jan 24, 2012   //   by admin   //   How to, Other  //  No Comments

With some minor tweaks to the existing ArcPy print sample for Dekho, you can point the script at your source data as opposed to the map services that have references to the source data.

This not only improves the quality (as the map services ‘rasterise’ the raw data), but also dramatically speeds up the process.


For a 600DPI print at A1 using the standard ArcPy print sample for Dekho (via map services) = 1 minute