Consuming Dekho Java Web Services in DotNet

Mar 11, 2010   //   by Alex U   //   Other  //  1 Comment
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Hi All,

This post is targeted at anyone developing .Net customizations for Dekho that access the Dekho Java web services.

Dekho uses Java web services, when you import the Java WSDL definitions into Microsoft’s Visual Studio; Visual Studio builds some reference classes, usually into a reference.cs.   When a web service call is made that returns a complex data type .Net attempts to de-serialize the SOAP message into these reference classes.  The problem is that the SOAP XML is not always correctly de-serialized into the reference.cs classes.  This appears to be a restriction of Visual Studio, but at time of writing I am unaware of any patches to Visual Studio that correct these problems.  Fortunately these errors can be corrected by manually modifying the reference.cs classes. 

The attached file details the possible problems you may run into and how to resolve them:  Consuming Dekho Java Web Service in DotNet

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  • This is excellent, just what I have been look for. Great post.

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