Dekho 4.1.1 and InstaLink 1.0.1

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Approximately one month ago we released Dekho 4.1 and InstaLink 1.0. Towards the end of development we realised we were not going to be able to complete the work we had started on supporting ArcFM 10.1 and 10.2. We decided that we would hold this functionality and release it shortly after 4.1 so that the work could be completed and tested.

The Dekho 4.1.1 release provides support for ArcFM 10.1 and 10.2 as well has a number of enhancements and bug fixes raised for the Dekho 4.1 base release.

InstaLink 1.0.1 introduces a new web service based query, which you configure in the InstaLink Admin. We have also made some enhancements to the Dekho integration connector.

If you haven’t got your download instruction for Dekho 4.1, please contact your Esri Australia or Eagle account manager or the Client Services team at Esri Australia.

If you would like to see what’s in the latest Dekho, drop by the Dekho booth at the Esri Australia Directions 2014 roadshow.

Meet Dekho 4.1

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Dekho 4.1 is available! Having spent the last year and a half working on user experience, usability, workflows and development, the Product Development Group and I are pleased to announce Dekho 4.1 is available for download and is ready for the Cloud or a Hosted Service.

We are very proud of this new release, which has been developed in close partnership with you –our Dekho user community.

Key enhancements include:

  • A newly designed web admin in HTML5/Javascript, which enables the program to run natively in a browser, rather than as a plug-in;
  • The ability for administrators to create maps within Dekho – instead of needing to switch between applications – enabling greater productivity;
  • A new value-add product called ‘InstaLink’ which connects Dekho with other key business systems including: Pathway, Works & Assets, Property & Rating, Hansen, and Conquest – just to name a few;
  • An improved printing function which leverages the core ArcGIS printing capabilities – making it easier for users to print their maps; and,
  • An intuitive workflow-driven user experience, streamlining the way you access information.

Another key point to note… Our new design makes it easier than ever before to make the most of ArcGIS Online. Out of the box, we have prepopulated connections to the MDS Foundation Map and ArcGIS Online Content. You just need to enter your ArcGIS Online organisation details into the Dekho Server Catalog and you can access your private organisation data.

If you’re a Dekho user currently under maintenance, you can download Dekho 4.1 now. If your maintenance has lapsed, or you’re new to Dekho, get in touch with us and we’ll help you get started with Dekho 4.1.

I know you’ll enjoy using Dekho 4.1 – and I look forward to hearing your feedback.



New Version of Dekho (v4.1) is coming!

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Just writing to let you know we are finalising work on Dekho 4.1 for release next month! My team is really proud of this release and excited by the feedback we have received so far during beta testing!!

The biggest improvement in 4.1 is that we have removed the ‘DASM / AOServer’ architecture in favour of a full web services driven architecture. This change delivers better performance and greater functionality.

So what are the 10 best improvements in 4.1?

  1. Introduction of a totally new User Experience built in HTML5 / JavaScript – which has been very well received by our Test Community.


  1. New functionality enabling you to build your own configuration maps (ie Dekho Templates) within the Dekho Admin

Template Builder

  1. Full support for Secure Services, including Secure WMS
  2. Expanded configuration options within the Dekho Admin Interface

identify tool settings

  1. Simplified and improved Dekho Licensing process – better for Virtual Environments
  2. A Fully REST enabled new Administrator Console
  3. The UX is more automated and click-option oriented, eliminating the risk of typos
  4. Improved Performance when Printing and Reporting
  5. Introduced a flexible new integration framework enabling additional products to be more easily added – still part of the Dekho Premium Pack
  6. A new approach to Beta testing

So you can see, quite a lot of new technology and workflows have been introduced in Dekho 4.1.

As for our Beta program which has run since November, we took a new approach with that as well.  Leveraging Esri Australia’s own Hosted Services offering, we made available to beta testers a fully configured, secure cloud environment which made things much easier for our community to test.  As a result, we have had much better involvement than during previous Beta periods. This has been a successful program with very positive feedback from our participants – we will continue this approach in the future!

BTW – the beta program is still open so it is not too late to participate.  If you wish to do so, please contact your Esri Australia account manager.

As you can see, we are super excited by Dekho 4.1 and look forward to your feedback when we release it next month. Talk with you all again soon.


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Further to the blog Integration: Tips and Tricks, there are few things to note regarding Property&Rating/Works&Assests integration.



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Further to the blog Integration: Tips and Tricks, there are few things to note regarding Authority integration.


INTEGRATION: Tips and Tricks

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During our investigations, we have found that there are times when Dekho integration doesn’t work because of some subtle errors. Here is a list that should be cross checked while making integration work.


OneSearch: Cleaning up the indexes & rebuild/clean

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Here are the instructions on how to clean up all of your oneSearch indexes. This instruction-set can come in handy if your data is corrupted or if you wish to clean up the index files and restart from scratch.  The following instructions only apply to Dekho 4.0.x

Integration Property&Rating/Works&Assets/Pathway : ODBC connections on 64 bits machine

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During some of our investigations, we have noticed that some customers run into difficulties when they upgrade their hardware to 64 bit machines.  This error usually happens when the configurations and ODBC connections are deployed globally across the enterprise.


Dekho 4.1 Beta is available!

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Esri Australia is excited to announce that the Dekho 4.1 Beta program was opened on the 22nd November.
If you are currently using Dekho and have not yet signed up for the beta program, please contact your Esri Australia account manager for the beta program details.

The Beta is available on a cloud-based test solution which means you do not need to install anything on your system to try it.


Using Dekho with Citrix environment.

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I want to use Dekho with Citrix. What do I need to do?
Serving Dekho and 3rd party applications over Citrix has many advantages; one of them is obviously the centralised management. There is only one computer and everyone is remotely connecting to it.
This shared computer has the applications needed such as Trim, Pathway or Property&Rating and of course a web browser to run Dekho.

What do I need to consider?

Advanced Default Redline Symbology in Dekho 4.0.X

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As Dekho Administrator, you can modify the default redlines symbology for your users.

Dekho 4.0.x users can edit/modify the symbology on their browser & save the drawings (bookmarks). In the current version of Dekho, the custom-edits done to the symbology are not saved, and the default symbology re-appears next time you start Dekho.

In plain English; that means you get given a palette of drawing tools and you can change the colour/pattern before drawing but it won’t be saved next time you use Dekho.

As a Dekho Administrator, you are allowed to modify the default symbology by editing a file called <templates.xml>