Dekho 4.1.7 release – SQL Script fix

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A patch fix has been released to resolve an SQL script issue in the Product Upgrade Tool (which was released with the Dekho 4.1.7 package).

If you are affected, please download the Product Upgrade Tool.

The latest Dekho 4.1.7 package has now been amended; feel free to download it from .


Dekho 4.1 Training for GIS Administrators – New course!

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Esri Australia is now offering a new training course for GIS administrators wanting to use Dekho 4.1. This two-day course teaches how to successfully install, configure and manage your Dekho web-maps.

InstaLink V1.0.3 released

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Following the release of Dekho V4.1.7 [ link ], a new InstaLink V1.0.3 has been released on Friday and it contains a number of new features.

download-icon-o Download INSTALINK V1.0.3


MDS : Map Data Services | New IP address + New look coming up soon..

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The MDS IP address of the server was changed Friday night (19 Sept 2014).
Depending on the version of Dekho, when the MDSFoundationMap (MapServer) is not available Dekho can be unusable for an organisation.

  • Issue: Some organisations have their network or a subnet configured to allow MDSFoundationMap access via only a fixed IP address.
  • Resolution: Check your firewall/network and make sure the IP is allowed to get through. [ Note: While the Public DNS name currently resolves to the IP address, this may change and it is better for customers not to rely on this IP when configuring their network communications]
  • How to test: Use a browser and go to then try
  • Get notified: If you would like to be automatically notified of MDS changes (possibly) affecting your system, please register here:
    <register for flash notifications>

Consuming secure map services with Dekho 4.1

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As you are probably aware, Dekho 4.1 does not rely on ArcMap configuration MXD files.  Instead, the map templates are created and assembled within Dekho Admin GUI.  You can consume Map services and WMS and this blog post explains one method to consume secure map services in your Dekho 4.1 template.



Minimum Requirements to run Dekho 4.1 and instaLink

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A few customers have deployed Dekho 4.1 in their DEV environment and ran into compatibility issues.  
Here is a list of the required modules for Dekho 4.1 and InstaLink.


Dekho V4.1.6 is OUT!

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Dekho V4.1.6 is out, and this release contains the following fixes & improvements:
dekho41.6_Untitled-1 copy


Which parameters do I need to toggle my Dekho into LDAP/NTLM authentication?

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Further to our blog post on setting up authentication in Dekho (link) , we have found that customers sometimes struggle to identify the correct parameters required.
Before attempting to toggle your Dekho into LDAP or NTLM, you will need to get some information from yout IT department..

Error : There are no maps defined for user username. Are the map services running?

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Ever wondered why you get the below error sporadically on loading Dekho..

Error

SQL Server Reporting in Dekho – Common Problems/Workarounds

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Further to the series of blogs – Integrating Dekho and SQL Server Reporting Services, I would like to point out some problems that you may face while integrating SQL Server Reports with Dekho.

Let’s get straight to it.


Is your Select / Identify tool slow with Dekho?

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Measurement-Units-Speed-icon Today, one customer highlighted a possible speed improvement to the select/identify with some feature classes.
He has pin-pointed that the problem could come from domains in one of the features of the the searched layer.